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Healthy Home Clinics

  • 17 Jan 2013
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Main Meeting Hall at the SLO Library

Healthy Home Clinics

Monthly Seminars on Indoor Air Quality Problems and the Rebates Available to Fix Them

Sponsored by The SLO Association of REALTORS® Green Effects Committee, SLO Green Build and The County Planning Dept.


Seminar Time: Middle Thursdays of every Month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm (Farmer’s Market Night!)

Free Consulting: Questions and Answers from 6:30pm to 7pm

Upcoming Seminar Dates: Dec.13, Jan.17, Feb. 21, Mar. 21, April 18

Location: Main Meeting Hall at the SLO Library 


Speakers and Topics (15 minutes each):

Paul Menconi, P.E.(Professional Engineer), Building Science Specialist: HVAC Systems that Result in Poor Indoor Air Quality: This seminar segment will focus on combustion issues that cause appliances to produce unsafe levels of CO and contribute to other indoor air quality problems.

Butch Valko, Home Inspector, Mold Remediation Specialist: Controlling Moisture and Eliminating Mold:

This seminar segment will focus the causes of common molds and their toxicity.

Bruce Severance, Energy Analyst, General Contractor: Fixing Air Quality Problems Saves Energy & Money!

This seminar segment focuses on how the solutions to most indoor air quality problems also result in significant energy savings and there is up to $4,500 available in rebates for repairing such problems.

Kevin Hauber, Loan Officer at iMortgage: Rebates & Finance Packages That Will Make You Cash-Positive:

This seminar segment focuses on how energy upgrade rebates are structured and other finance options that can make your home improvements “cash positive” by trading your high utility bills for a lower loan service payment.


The Air You Breath is More Unhealthy than You Think

Does your family or household suffer from allergies and respiratory problems? Does your furnace make you sneeze? Do you have a mold problem? The Healthy Home Clinic is a monthly seminar on indoor air quality and that will educate attendees about widespread health issues that affect over 80% of the homes in SLO County. Duct-leakage, the most common problem, is known to contribute to fiberglass dust and CO infiltration. This monthly seminar will be conducted by building science experts and home inspectors in our community that are trained in diagnosis and mitigation of these home safety problems. You will also learn about the energy savings that usually result from the repair of indoor air-quality problems as well as $4,500 in rebates to offset repair costs.


Key Facts on Indoor Air Quality:

  • ·         One in five homes in SLO County has an appliance with CO levels that exceed national standards.
  • ·         The average home in the state has 30% duct leakage due to widespread “duct tape” failures.
  • ·         Air-pressure imbalances found in most homes increase allergen and fiberglass infiltration.
  • ·         Fiberglass is a suspected carcinogen.
  • ·         Forty percent of the “fresh” air comes in from the crawlspace in homes that have them.
  • ·         Chronic respiratory problems such as severe allergies and asthma are up 75% since 1980.
  • ·         The EPA estimates that indoor air quality is ten times worse than outdoor air.
  • ·         Most indoor air quality issues are fixed with energy upgrades which yield significant energy savings.
  • ·         Rebates up to $4,500 are available to reimburse some of the repair costs.

Our member REALTORS® owe it to their clients and friends to inform them of this important public health information!

For more information go to slorealtors.org or slogreenbuild.org


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