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President: Matt Ottoson

Matt Ottoson is an Associate Planner at RRM Design Group’s office in SLO. His work focuses on planning and implementing sustainable design projects for public and private clients across California. Prior to beginning work at RRM, Matt worked for a number of public municipalities including the City of Berkeley and San Luis Obispo County. He received his undergraduate degree in geography from California State University, Fullerton in 2009 and his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona in 2012. Matt enjoys spending time eating, drinking and bicycling his way across the Central Coast.

Past-President : Candice Wong

Candice is a nationally recognized leader in the public architecture sector, working with municipalities and agencies throughout California on sustainable civic, public safety and institutional projects. She is a LEED accredited professional and works with her clients to create programmatically successful, operationally efficient, and resource conserving buildings that improve the communities in which they are built.  Together with her husband, she is raising two thoughtful and curiosity filled girls, nurturing a semi historic home, and looks for almost any excuse to do her own construction.  

VP of Finance: Charles Dellinger

Charles Dellinger is a proponent for developing a durable built environment that efficiently uses resources and is sensitive to its surroundings. His role as a Project Manager at PG&E provides an opportunity to support this and PG&E’s commitment to protecting the environment. In addition, to his work at PG&E he is a Lecturer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; on the Building Team for Habitat for Humanity San Luis Obispo; and active member of the AIA. His prior experience includes being an architect on various public school and civic project and consulting on a 300 unit low income redevelopment project. His formal education includes a BArch and MBA from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. You can find him on the weekends hiking, biking, running or playing soccer or anything else active with his two  energetic boys and lovely wife.

VP Advocacy : Paul Poirier AIA, LEED AP, PRC, CSC

Paul Poirier is the principal architect in the Santa Barbara based firm Paul Poirier+ Associates Architects designing award winning commercial and residential projects with emphasis on “green” innovation and design excellence.  He is the past President of the USGBC California Central Coast Chapter, served as vice chair of the Pacific Regional Committee, and represents the Pacific Region on the USGBC Chapter Steering Committee.  He is also on the USGBC Education Steering Committee, working to make educational programs relevant and successful at the local level. Paul is a founding board member of both The Sustainability Project and The Green Building Alliance, two active Santa Barbara based environmental organizations.  In addition, he has served as president of the AIA Santa Barbara Chapter, and as chair of the AIA California Council Committee on the Environment. Paul is committed to maintaining the architectural beauty of the central coast of California, while protecting the environmental quality and sustainability of our community for future generations.


Michelle Zimney

Michelle has worked almost a decade as a consultant in Middle East affairs for a variety of international media and non-governmental organizations. After completing a major green remodel of her home, she decided to turn in her traveling shoes and apply her consulting - and newfound construction - skills here on the Central Coast. As a LEED Project Manager with In Balance Green Consulting and a certified BPI Building Analyst, she gets to share her passion for sustainable building with a wide variety of residential and commercial clients. Ms. Zimney has a B.A. from Stanford University , an M.A. from UC Santa Barbara, and is a graduate of the UCSB Extension Certificate Program in Green Building and Sustainable Design. She is a past President of the Board for USGBC-C4 and chapter representative to USGBC California. Incidentally, she's also fluent in Arabic, so contact her if you'd like to chat!

Paul Rose

Paul Rose has been partner, employee, subcontractor with Semmes and Company Builders since 1982, he has worked both professionally and socially to develop Sustainable Building methods and designs in SLO County since 1974. Paul was a student of both Ken Haggard and Poly Cooper at Cal Poly, and has been active in numerous outreach groups such as Life on Planet Earth, Sierra Club, The Oak Tree Alliance, SLO Green Build and others within SLO County including San Luis Solar and Eco SLO in the early 80's. He is an avid outdoorsman, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and gardening. He believes in: “Consensus building as a primary means of decision making. Finding the simplest way to accomplish a task with the best results is my main goal in my endeavors, also making sure that good understanding, and community relationships are built into them. Sustainability, and resource conservation have become a necessity at this point and we have gone beyond the time when it is just a nice addition to a project--- It is mandatory”.

Todd Hansen

Todd Hansen is an experienced architect, credentials including LEED AP BD+C, CSI, CDI,  who delivers optimal solutions to project challenges. He oversees the production of technical specifications or RRM’s offices and specializes in technical document production and quality assurance. Todd has 20 years of experience working with DSA on projects from 300 to 300,000 sf, ranging from complex, multi-story new projects to ADA and seismic upgrades where facilities must remain open during construction. Education runs in Todd’s family, which includes four generations of K-12 teachers and administrators, including his wife who is an elementary school principal with credentials in special education.

Jeremy Favier

Jeremy Favier is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Brighten Solar Construction, a Santa Barbara based solar developer and installer.If there were two things that Jeremy knew since the younger age, is that (1) he wanted to become an engineer and (2) he wanted to save the planet...Consequently, Favier received his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from ParisTech in France and his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, Atlanta. After several years in the private sector working as an engineer for international companies in Europe and the United States, Jeremy remembered his entrepreneurial classes and decided to follow his passion for nature conservation and start his own company in the renewable energies sector. Convinced that our communities need to transition to more respectful and sustainable consumptions practices, Jeremy is animated by his desire to lead the change and help people switch to renewables.  If Jeremy is a true engineer at heart and spends most of his time dealing with his business’ operations, he loves engaging with the community and participating in educational workshops on energy efficiency and solar energy.

Brandon Kaysen

An educator and green building professional, Brandon Kaysen manages the K-12 and public environmental education program for the City of Ventura. Brandon is also a lecturer at UC Santa Barbara where he leads a group of students in certifying a building on campus through the LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (EBO&M) Reference Guide. With over 7 years of combined green building, resource management, and environmental education experience, Mr. Kaysen seeks to collaborate with key players to enhance and encourage the eco-literacy of our building managers, government officials, and community members. Brandon has spent 6 years studying at UCSB, receiving his BA in Economics and Environmental studies and a Master’s Degree in Corporate Environmental Management and Energy & Climate from the Bren School.

Steve Nelson

Steve has been designing, building and selling construction projects for over 25 years. During that time, he has excelled as a multitalented building consultant with a unique perspective. Starting his career in Palm Springs gave Steve an opportunity to work with many pioneering architects, designers and builders who were pushing the limits of sustainability in an extremely challenging environment. At a time when building green was new, Steve was exposed to many of the passive and active design strategies that are used today and have been proven successful even under the harsh conditions of the California desert.


Dustin Lane

Dustin Lane is a Certified Energy Analyst and leads the energy department at BMA Mechanical+. BMA is an experienced design firm committed to develop, support, and shape the built environment with innovative, resilient, and sustainable solutions that put energy conservancy right up front with indoor environmental quality and functionality. In his central roll, Dustin focuses on bridging the gap between disciplines and providing effective consulting to reduce building heating and cooling loads while increasing comfort and energy savings. He was introduced to building sciences at an early age and gained expertise through his upbringing as a third generation Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) contractor. Working in the family business of 40+ years he learned the values of air sealing and envelope performance control strategies first-hand from pioneers in the field of advanced building materials. His primary focus with the company was on the early application of cool roofing systems to combat the heat island effect experienced throughout California’s metropolitan areas. In addition to high performance roofing and envelope knowledge, Dustin provided countless installations of ccSPF as insulation for commercial, residential and cold storage applications. He is also experienced with Photovoltaics, and spent several years sizing systems and providing schematic design layouts. In his personal life, he is most interested in spending time with his family and enjoying all the “ing’s” that the central coast has to offer: surfing, golfing, fishing, mountain biking, camping etc.

Heather Saunders

Heather Saunders graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Management and a minor in Marketing. Upon graduation, she went to work for Mohawk Group, an international flooring manufacturer. She was relocated via Mohawk to cover the Tri-county area and found that the mutual push from the Central Coast and Mohawk in Sustainability was inspiring. She then lead the exhibition of Mohawk Group at the California Higher Ed Sustainability Conference in the Summer of 2017 to promote the lasting benefits of green building on the environment and human health, and looks forward to participating again in 2018. She looks forward to many future opportunities to promote green building and Sustainability.


Santa Barbara : Perrin Pellegrin

As Managing Partner of the Innovative Workshop Consulting. LLC, Perrin is fully engaged with each project, assisting clients from planning and design through project completion. Perrin develops tools, systems, and strategies for projects in order to accomplish measurable results. Her clients consist of higher education, public utilities, municipalities, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Perrin has successfully managed projects that have come in on time and within budget. Her project experience includes sustainable strategic plans and climate action plans for two major universities, gold and platinum LEED certifications for municipalities and operational policies development and benchmarking of building performance for a public utility. Over her eight years tenure as the Campus Sustainability Manager for the University of California, Santa Barbara, Ms. Pellegrin has worked with project managers, building committees, and design teams to ensure that the USGBC’s LEED guidelines were met in all new campus construction projects. She championed the first LEED-EB certification in the University of California system and piloted the LEED Portfolio Program on campus.


Brianna Ruland

If Brianna didn't choose the path of architecture, she would have either become a hairdresser or a neuroscientist, but figured that with a degree in architecture she could explore all of the above realms and more. Turns out, this is true. She is a Cal Poly SLO Architecture Graduate from the class of 2015 as well as an accredited LEED GA. She has a passion for keeping up to date and spreading the news about the new sustainable feats that occur within the building industry and how people can become educated and involved in the green building movement. She believes wholeheartedly that lasting change happens from the bottom up, one individual and small group at a time, until it grows into substantial policy.  Being the catalyst for this change, utilizing the CCGBC as a vehicle, is what she strives do as our communications coordinator. 

Kori Nielsen

Kori Nielsen is an Environmental Management and Protection graduate, with a focus and background in sustainability from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She is an accredited LEED GA and is passionate about green buildings and helping businesses and schools operate as sustainably as possible. Her passion for sustainability sparked when she attended a consortium for sustainability study abroad program at EARTH University in Costa Rica where she learned about EARTH University’s unique approach to education, investigated and analyzed community issues, and assessed the social and environmental impact of our actions as individuals and companies. Since then, she has worked with and attended sustainability conferences at Santa Barbara City College, Cal Poly and UCSB, and has done analytical reporting for Santa Barbara City College using AASHE STARS. She is now happy to also be interning under The Community Environmental Council for the Green Business Program where she provides resources and assistance to businesses wanting to be green. Through her involvement with different institutions, organizations, professionals, and kids, she has learned that effective communication is the basis for change. She is excited to share news and updates about the green building industry and to reach out to organizations that have a similar mindset as USGBC-CCGBC.


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