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  • 24 Sep 2015 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Workshop from the California Department of Education provides information and updates on U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools. 

    These programs recognize schools and districts for excellence in whole-school sustainability, including: 

    • Resource use & Conservation
    • Health & Wellness
    • Environmental & Sustainability Education

    The workshop includes: 

    A tour of Monterey Road Elementary School known for it's exemplary sustainable performance and operations & maintenance practices and the training needed to know how to become a distinguished Green School! 

    The training takes place Thursday September 24th, 2015:

    Meeting at the Atascadero Library:  9:00 am -12:00 pm ( Coffee & Light breakfast will be provided)

    Lunch + Travel Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    Monterey Road Elementary School: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    RSVP to Lesley Taylor by September 18th at greenribbonschools@cde.ca.gov

  • 27 Aug 2013 10:46 AM | Anonymous
    When was the last time you talked to your Senator? Does he or she know green buildings are important to you? 

    Join green building advocates from across the country as we band together to let our elected officials know #LEEDworks! 

    The #LEEDworks campaign kicks off Monday, Aug. 26, and runs through Friday, Aug. 30. 

    You can participate in three ways: 

       1. Insert your state senator's twitter handle (you can find his or her handle here) and tweet one or all of these general tweets:

             Dear @(relevant senator) the #LEED Gold Treasury Building saves $3.5 M/yr alone, #LEEDworks!

             Dear @(relevant senator) please support better buildings: #LEEDworks!

             Dear @(relevant senator) we love our #LEED building, don’t you? #LEEDworks!

             Dear @(relevant senator) (insert why you think LEED is important) #LEEDworks 

      2. Use this list of state-specific tweets, and give your senator some state-specific data and links. 

      3. Invite all of your friends, family, co-workers and members of other networks to participate too! You can send them the instructions on how to participate using this link.  

    It’s important that senators receive this message now, as they will be considering important energy efficiency legislation when they return to Washington in September. They should know before they vote where their constituency stands: in favor of green buildings and the federal government’s successful use of LEED.

    So you already tweeted at your senators and told them #LEEDworks? Thanks for doing that! Here are other ways you can help: 

    • Post a picture of your LEED building on Facebook, with the #LEEDworks hashtag and a stat about its energy efficiency, water use reduction, etc.
    • Instagram a picture of your LEED building, and tag it with #LEEDworks
    • Attend a town hall meeting that your senator hosts while he or she is in town and live tweet using the #LEEDworks hashtag 
    • Make sure to follow @USGBC on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.

    We appreciate any way you choose to show your support during this campaign. Every tweet counts toward the message that green building should be a priority, from City Hall to the U.S. Capitol. 

    Because we know #LEEDworks!

  • 22 Aug 2013 9:38 AM | Anonymous
    The San Luis Obispo Regional Energy Alliance is calling for student (Elementary - College)
    and teacher nominations for recognition at The Energy Event on October 5th.
    We would like to recognize outstanding individuals that have contributed to SLO’s community
    through innovative technology, programming, and or awareness education activities.

    Please take the time to nominate someone who you think deserves recognition for their hard work here in our community.Completed applications can be sent via mail or email to
    Trevor Keith, 976 Osos Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405, energy@co.slo.ca.us
    Deadline for submission is Monday, September 16th.

    Save the date for The Energy Event at Cuesta College on October 5th, 2013! Visit sloenergymonth.org for more information.
  • 26 Jun 2013 1:43 PM | Anonymous
    The LEED v4 Ballot is officially open! Vote now and make your voice heard. 

    How do you vote?

    If you joined the consensus body (registered to vote) in April and you’re employed by a USGBC national member who has remained in good standing, you’ll receive an email with instructions and a direct link to our voting page. There you’ll be able to cast your ballot on the newest update to the LEED rating systems through the month of June.

    Has it been a while since you’ve looked at the drafts? Don’t worry, the language is still in the credit library and available for you to review.

    What is LEED v4?

    LEED follows a continuous improvement cycle to spur innovation and expand its reach across market sectors and geographic boundaries. LEED v4 is a vital step in this evolution, involving significant market engagement with thousands of global stakeholders. Learn more about v4 »

  • 16 Apr 2013 12:55 AM | Anonymous
    Groups seeking to unduly influence LEED and diminish the progress of green building are spending millions to lobby lawmakers to have LEED banned at the federal level. They are spreading misinformation about the LEED development process and saying that only ANSI certified standards should be used by the federal government. If we don’t act quickly and decisively to refute these false claims, our efforts of market transformation could be setback by single-interest trade associations. Don't let special interests advance unprecedented greenwashing efforts that will cost taxpayers money and hurt the green building movement. Please use our talking points and urge your member companies and chapter to send this sample letter to their Senators as soon as possible. Our Advocacy team will be holding an informative webcast on April 23 with further details.  Please contact Fleming Roberts for more information in the meantime.
  • 12 Nov 2012 11:16 AM | Anonymous
    The LEED v4 Beta Program opens in November 2012. Your feedback and collaboration is essential in making LEED v4 a success. Developed with significant stakeholder input, the LEED v4 Beta Program will capture feedback and help USGBC refine and enhance the tools, strategies and processes that will be available when the LEED v4 program launches, projected for November 2013.

    The beta will focus on review and testing of program resources including: documentation requirements, LEED online forms, the review process and LEED reference guide language. Beta feedback will be collected from November 2012 through program launch, projected for November 2013. Beta projects will not be required to complete certification within the feedback collection period.
    Beginning in November, we will offer participants a LEED v4 Beta Certification Toolkit, which includes
    registration information, rating system selection guidance, detailed rating system version comparisons, new credit overviews, and draft documentation requirements. By spring 2013 we will make available full LEED v4 tools support including fully functional LEED Online Forms and draft reference guide material.

    Beta projects will be able to earn LEED v4 certification. Project teams will use the requirements outlined in the LEED v4 Fifth Public Comment Draft to demonstrate compliance. Projects must comply with prerequisites, and meet current point thresholds to achieve certification. Innovation and Regional Priority Credits can count toward certification.
    Enrolled participants will be assigned dedicated project support from USGBC staff for the duration of the LEED v4 beta (Nov. 2012 – Nov. 2013). Communication and online collaboration with USGBC/GBCI staff and other project teams will be available. If a project team must switch from LEED v4 back to LEED 2009, USGBC will provide assistance.

    During the beta period, previously registered LEED projects can switch to LEED v4 at no additional cost. For newly registering projects, please refer to Certification Fees for rates.

    We are pleased to offer the following for LEED v4 beta participants:
    • Direct prioritized access to USGBC staff for LEED v4 project support during the beta period
    • Up to three LEED Credit Interpretation Requests at no cost
    • Free electronic reference guide access
    • Promotion on USGBC website of your case studies, experience and leadership
    • Feature in USGBC promotional and media outreach
    • Recognition at Greenbuild 2013 for first projects to earn LEED v4 certification

    Beta projects will also be asked to submit project information that can be used for LEED v4 Education.
    Interested participants are invited to join a LEED v4 Beta Overview and Q&A session with USGBC staff on Wednesday, November 7 from 3:00-4:30pm ET or from 8:00-9:30pm ET. Please register for the desired time slot by clicking the appropriate link. 
    Projects interested in joining the LEED v4 Beta program should register for LEED v4 by November 30, 2012. Upon payment of registration fee, a USGBC staff member will be assigned to provide project support. We look forward to having your project enroll in the LEED v4 beta.

    Please direct questions to Chrissy Macken cmacken@usgbc.org.
  • 08 Oct 2012 9:16 AM | Anonymous


    Fundraising for your favorite causes in San Luis Obispo has taken a whole different turn. The heyday of mobs, rallies, protests, and critical mass is arriving at a coordinated, peaceful, and smarter place, working for mutual interest and win-win outcomes.   Spike’s Pub in San Luis Obispo is designating one income-earning day in the month of October to finance the energy efficiency needs of their building. Why should you care? Because their international beer selection is good and the potato skin selection is even better. Well, that and they’re a great local business with community values.

    With the help of the Empower Poly Coalition, the environmental and community advocacy club from Cal Poly, a Carrotmob will take over the downtown pub on Saturday, October 13th. The Carrotmob (essentially a large group of consumers who come together to achieve shared goals), will support Spike’s investment in energy savings recommendations to drastically reduce utility use and subsequent cost, simply by doing what they like doing, having a good meal!

    Spike’s Pub owner Andrea Miller is excited about the idea’s potential. I think this is great way to get people introduced or reintroduced to Spike's! It’s also a way to find more ways to reduce our energy use, adding to the benefits of our new, tankless water heater installed last month,” said Miller.

    The Carrotmob is one of many events taking place in October as part of San Luis Obispo’s local version of National Energy Awareness Month.  Several local agencies and non-profits are hosting events for the community: from green car shows to The Energy Event, a conglomeration of speaker sessions and mobile workshops on October 20th at the San Luis 

    Obispo Veteran’s Hall.  A full calendar is online at usgbcc4.org/energy2012.

    The crux behind the fundraising challenge is how to make giving money to causes a simple part of business, without squeezing your wallet. That’s where the Carrotmob shows up, working on the premise that businesses can do well for themselves and do good for local causes.  Spikes will have an energy audit completed prior to the Carrotmob to identify the best opportunities for energy savings.

    Why Carrotmob?

    The term deconstructs the word “mob,” historically used to describe disorderly conduct. Conversely, Carrotmobs are highly organized events led specifically by community members in support of a business. Community members coordinate with business owners to spend their money to support a business, and in return the business agrees to take an action that the people care about. Theoretically, Carrotmobs believe people can have more influence on businesses by giving them a positive incentive to change. It’s a goofy name, but the “carrot” is the financial support of the community.

    "The Carrotmob movement is stronger than it has ever been, and growing fast. We've now had more than 250 campaigns in over 20 countries around the world. From students in Victoria, Canada mobbing a restaurant to fund energy efficient lighting upgrades, to New Zealand mobbers buying coffee to have solar panels installed on a farm in Papua New Guinea, and more. People have been voting with their money to incentivize businesses to become more sustainable. And it’s working," said Carrotmob Founder, Brent Schulkin.

    A series of events are taking place throughout San Luis Obispo County during the month of October, deemed Energy Awareness Month 2012 by local jurisdictions and the County Board of Supervisors. Events cover topics such as energy efficient design, net zero construction, alternative fuels and technology, and residential and business solutions for energy efficiency. Be sure to sign up for The Energy Event, Saturday, October 20th at San Luis

    Obispo Veteran’s Hall. This culminating event will garner local energy leaders and community members, and includes lunch. Mobile workshops to highlight energy efficient practices around the community will also be offered. Pre-registration is required. To register and for more information and a complete events calendar, visit www.usgbcc4.org/energy2012 or contact the San Luis Obispo County Energy Collaborative at 805-781-5623.


  • 01 Oct 2012 10:33 AM | Anonymous

    Don't miss your one opportunity to learn more about the new LEED v4 rating system from one of USGBC's LEED v4 development team! 


    USGBC’s LEED green building rating system has been a significant driver for market transformation since its debut in 2000. USGBC is currently developing the version of LEED (v4) for release next year. This session will provide an update of the development process, a general overview of the technical changes proposed and information of specific interest to the chapter. It will also include an early look at supporting tools and resources for the LEED v4 program. This presentation has been approved by GBCI for 1.5 CEs for General, LEED BD&C-, ID&C-, and EBOM- specific hours. AIA learning units pending.


    Learning Objectives :
    • Articulate the overarching environmental priorities of the LEED v4 program.
    • Describe the new credits within the LEED v4 program and their environmental value.
    • List the new market sectors that LEED v4 accommodates.
    • Summarize the technical changes from LEED 2009 to LEED v4

    Speaker : Chrissy Macken
    Christina (Chrissy) Macken is the Assistant Project Manager of the LEED v4 Program at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), assisting with the execution and comprehensive delivery of LEED v4 and associated projects. This work includes assisting delivering the core components of LEED v4 according to plan and overseeing integration and quality control throughout the project life cycle. Chrissy has also managed the technical development of the integrative process credits and coordinates the LEED weightings - point allocation - process for all LEED credits. After graduating from Tufts University with a Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Chrissy joined the USGBC in 2009 to manage LEED committee operations, comprised of volunteer technical experts responsible for the development and maintenance of the LEED rating system. Chrissy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Allegheny College and has a background in urban and social policy and community engagement.

  • 07 Sep 2012 11:55 AM | Anonymous

    There is an opportunity to help support funding for Electric Vehicle infrastructure development in Ventura County. It is happening next Tuesday, September 11th at 11:00am at the Ventura County APCD with the County Board. Please show up and speak in support of getting more electric vehicles and bicycles infrastructure in Ventura County.

    When: September 11th at 11:00 am

    Where: Board of Supervisor's room, Administration Building, 800 South Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA

    How: Complete a speaker's card to speak at the hearing. The best item to speak on would be the new contracts for PEV Preparations.

    The leading agency of Electric Vehicle projects in our area is the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (APCD). They set their budget through the Board of Directors. They have access to local funds through the Clean Air Fund and other sources. Funding allocated for Electric Vehicle development in Ventura County can be used to attract additional funding from other sources like the Energy Commission and US Department of Energy.

    If you own an EV, you can show up and speak to the board about EVs, what they mean to you and how they are working for you. This is an opportunity to inform the board about what you think can be done to help get more EVs into our county

    The more people who show up and speak with compelling reasons the better the result will be. This is a chance to get one of the more powerful government agencies in our area on board with the solutions that EVs represent. They will move when they know they have the support from the public to do so. Without that support they will move less quickly and with less strength.

    Your input will make a difference. Please do what you can to attend this meeting.

    Appreciatively Yours

    Russell Sydney


    PS We are also gearing up for the National Plug In Day on September 23rd. Please mark your calendars and watch for more info soon.

    Learn more by going to www.sustainableclub.org or call 805-652-1482 or by emailing to main@sustainableclub.org Sustainable Transport Club, 268 W Santa Barbara St, Santa Paula, CA 93060

  • 27 Aug 2012 3:30 PM | Anonymous

    Sometimes it is our role to inspire,

                                               other times to educate,

                                                                  on September 28th it will be our role to advocate.

    Come support the SLO County Planning and Building's efforts to pass the Green Building Ordinance at the SLO Board of Supervisor's meeting.

    The agenda item is expected to come up at 1:30 on Tuesday, August 28th at the SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting. Come and show your support for this important initiative.

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